Graduate Student Advisory Board

Graduate Student Advisory Board

The Asian American Studies (AAST) Student Advisory Board welcomes graduate students interested in promoting scholarship related to Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Asian/Pacific diasporic communities and issues. This multidisciplinary team provides research and teaching support and social opportunities to the graduate student community at IUB.

The AAST Graduate Student Advisory Board hosts the annual IUB Asian American Studies Research Symposium and the Asian American Studies Reading Group. The board also plans a variety of activities each year. These have included an undergraduate student training for the Asian Culture Center’s “Retracing Our Roots” conference and occasional meet-and-greets for students and faculty affiliates.

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Current members

  • Giselle Cunanan, Department of American Studies
  • Benjamin Hartmann, Department of Sociology
  • Hoi Na (Stephanie) Kung, Department of English
  • Mihee Kim-Kort, Department of Religious Studies
  • Yi Li, Mental Health Counseling and Counselor Education, School of Education
  • Stephanie Thanh Xuan Nguyen, Higher Education, School of Education
  • Shelley Rao, Department of Sociology
  • Natasha Autasi Saelua, Higher Education, School of Education
  • Anna Sera, Department of Sociology/Education Policy Studies, School of Education
  • Huixin Tian, Information and Library Science
  • Pamela Hong, Sociology
  • Ting-Han Chang, Education

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