Asian American Studies Minor

What can the Asian American Studies minor do for me?

A minor in Asian American Studies deepens the analytical skills you need to make sense of the big challenges we face today in our ever-globalizing world. It offers you a chance to explore different disciplinary approaches and figure out how they speak to one another across various domains. It also provides you with an area of specialized knowledge that will be useful in a great range of professional fields, including law, public policy, urban planning, international relations, human geography, education (teaching, counseling, policy), arts and arts administration, journalism, medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, business, marketing, and public relations.

We are a small program with a nationally-prominent faculty and dedicated teaching staff. The intimate size of our program allows for students to work closely with mentors to pursue the research and creative activity of their choosing.

Will the AAST minor be compatible with my major?

Our minor and courses complement any major in any school. Our courses fulfill various distribution requirements. Students of all ethnicities and academic backgrounds are invited to participate in Asian American Studies.

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