Campus resources

Indiana University and the College of Arts and Sciences offer a number of resources and support for faculty, students, and community members. Some include the Asian Culture Center, the Asian American Alumni Association, the Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council, and various student groups.

Asian Culture Center

The Asian Culture Center serves the IU Asian community by providing a home for all students interested in Asian cultures. The Asian Culture Center supports coalition building and unity among Asian and Asian American students, helping them to recognize their common interests and heritage and acting as a voice for their concerns. You’ll find that the center is committed to listening to the needs of students; building an inclusive, supportive community that celebrates diversity; and advocating for students’ needs and concerns.

Find Asian student organizations Visit the Asian Culture Center website

Asian Alumni Association

The Indiana University Asian Alumni Association has the goal of facilitating interaction between Indiana University, the IU Alumni Association, and Asian alumni of Indiana University. This organization seeks to better connect the Asian alumni of Indiana University, encouraging them to maintain their ties to the university. The Asian Alumni Association collaborates extensively with the Asian Culture Center on events throughout the academic year.

Visit the Asian Alumni Association website

Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council

The Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council seeks to provide a forum for issues dealing with Asian Pacific Americans across all eight campuses of Indiana University. The organization communicates with university administrations to deal with pertinent issues and collaborates with the Asian Culture Center extensively on a number of programs.

Visit the Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council website